Duomark Office

West Perth

Site Context:






Building Notes

  • Reception Area
  • 6 person meeting room
  • Office space accomodating up to 8
  • Kitchenette
  • Storage Space
  • Custom cabinetry with additional integrated storage


With rental prices in East Perth increasing and an expanding workforce, it was time for Duomark to move from its original location of fifty five square metres into larger accommodations. The close proximity to the freeway, the central location and the budget friendly rental prices of West Perth made the suburb our primary interest.  After a thorough investigation, we acquired an office of ninety square metres in an established building.

The site required a complete refit in order to accommodate our needs. After a successful negotiation with the owner, we utilised the team from SMF Projects to carry out the demolition and retrofit.  We are very happy with the outcome; the entire process was completed within an eight week turnaround and within budget, as well as achieving all of our aesthetic requirements.


We developed a design for the ninety square metre office that catered to the needs of the studio whilst also maintaining a high quality aesthetic. With five workstations, as well as an informal meeting space at the eastern end of the office, the design is intended to cater for the growing needs of the firm. Prolific use of oriented strand board warms the greyscale tones used throughout. Playful geometry features along the floor and ceiling planes, connecting and unifying the space. A kitchenette at the rear of the office provides necessary facilities, without getting in the way of office workflow.

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