About Us


Duomark is focused in the area of property investment and development.

As part of the extension to our existing core business, we now have an established Design Studio offering a range of architectural and development services.


Duomark thrives to grow organically through carefully considered acquisitions that will complement and enhance its core business. The company endeavours to build a brand synonymous with attention to detail and consistently exceptional product offerings.


  • To build long-term business and personal relationships.
  • To cultivate a culture of honesty, fairness and open communication.
  • To aim for continuous improvements on existing procedures, methodologies and offerings.
  • To support growth and development through continuous learning.

Our philosophy

At Duomark our philosophy is simple. Be practical, be functional and be efficient.

These philosophies shape the core of our designs, our commitments, our relationships and our work.

We are passionate about what we do and seek to work closely with like minded individuals. We believe passion is a successful motivator which inherently converts goals and ideas into measurable outcomes.

We believe we have been successful in forging long term relationships with our employees, consultants, associates and customers alike, because we have endeavoured to allow honesty and fairness to prevail above all else.

Our Profile

The founding members of the company observed that expansion efforts in Australia could significantly be improved by streamlining the development process to increase the speed at which its offerings reached the market. The prospect of being able to rationalize and systematize the whole development cycle lead to the formation of Duomark Pty Ltd (Duomark) in 2005. Since its inception, the company has used its experiences, proficiency and aptitude in the various areas to create a working framework that has ensured the successful implementation of its various projects. This framework is constantly evolving and improved upon.

Site selection is an important aspect of the company’s property portfolio. The selection process involves careful evaluation of a variety of factors that will influence the desirability and success of any given project. These include but are not limited to the sites’ proximity to current and future amenities, factors of supply and demand, and availability of current and planned infrastructure.

A strong foundation is required before we begin engaging in the creative design process and this foundation is based upon effective and thorough planning. Through numerous discussions and consultations, the buildings’ purpose, lay-out and floor plans are mapped out to cater to functionality, practicality and efficiency. At the forefront of these thought processes are environmentally sustainable design principles, end user functionality, project and design feasibility, and product longevity and demand.

The extension of our core business to now encompass Design, has further strengthen the company’s competitive advantage. We are able to bring to any partnership, experience and technical proficiency to ensure a projects success. Our ability to incorporate development and sales experience directly into a design from the very on-set, translates to a more holistic project compared to our competition.