Revue on Waratah, Dalkeith

Site Context:





$10 million

Building Notes

  • Multi-story Residential
  • Single Tower
  • 14 High End Residential Apartments
  • GF Commercial Tenancies
  • Extra Large Balconies
  • European Appliances


The first meeting with the clients was to establish a relationship by going through their initial ideas, establishing their requirements and briefing them on our capability statement, to ensure they would be comfortable working with us on the project. They had already worked alongside us previously, after we rationalised the design of their first project to build upon  the structure and internal layouts in order to help achieve their set construction budget. Thus they were confident in approaching us to take on the design for their next venture.


Research into the rich records of Dalkeith revealed its history as a ‘growing suburb, one made up of farmland, gardens and eventually subdivided into smaller lots to become a leafy suburban haven. It’s close proximity to the river means this suburb has always attracted people of affluence.

Our design is born from an extension of that garden heritage and extends that concept throughout the building, both vertically and horizontally.  A central treed courtyard creates shared garden views and is surrounded by vertical gardens, whilst a meandering garden path extends the length of the western boundary.  Internally every apartment is granted additional balcony area and a unique layout, allowing residents to enjoy life outdoors as much as indoors.

In a nod to the affluence of the suburb and appreciation of the unique, each level offers a bit of difference, where no one unit is entirely the same whilst maintaining cost effectiveness across the board.  Likewise the entrance lobby is intended to be a place of simple elegance, with beautiful finishing’s and a keen attention to detail.

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