Fitness Centre, Balga

Conversion of Single Use Tenancy to Mixed Use Commercial


Investigate the possibility of converting the existing 2200sqm GLA purpose built fitness centre into a multi-use commercial hub to diversify the income stream from the property at the end of the option expiry period.

Potential use for space include a medical centre, boutique gym and childcare centre.

Challenge – accommodate the new parking requirements of the new potential use.


Each new tenancy use was individually examined to determine their car parking and space requirements. Some GLA was sacrificed to make room for additional car parking bays. However, the final design allowed for the very comfortable use of space by the individual tenants and adequate car parking to suit their requirements.

The design also reduced the amount of structurally invasive changes to the existing building while opening up the tenancies to more natural light as well as maximizing the northern exposure to the proposed child care centre.

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