Lance Smith

Lance Smith

Head Architect
(ABWA Reg. 2736) M.Arch (Hons), B.Tech (Arch), Dip. Arch Tech, Grad Cert PM

Since commencing his architectural career in 2000, Lance has worked on a variety of challenging projects in both local and international locations including in the industrial, commercial, retail, institutional, hotel, residential (single, multi-unit and multi-rise), mixed-use, corrective services, religious and medical fields. Lance has also been a sessional educator in the Sustainable Design Architecture Studio at the University of WA for several years.

There is no personality profiling tool apt enough to capture this larger than life character. A firm believer that work is meant to be fulfilling and exciting, Lance guides his team in applying their unique skills in meeting both these objectives. As such, the team culture created is more of an extended family, with regular outings having some wildly outlandish theme, making the work week ever so slightly more enjoyable.

An expert negotiator, Lance will often leave others confident in the process (if not slightly confused how things could go so smoothly). It is this entrenched diplomacy in his approach to work and a desire to obtain wins all around that has drawn clients to work with him over the years, and continue to seek him out when new opportunities arise.

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