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As part of the company’s longer term strategy to streamline the development process,  Duomark has established an in house design division with qualified experience architects to look after and oversee the design aspects of its various project and property portfolio. The resultant time and cost savings is put towards further developing and refining each design as well as improving the company’s final product offering. We are pleased to be able to offer our value proposition to like minded individuals and companies seeking a high level of professional service. We work closely with builders for their Design & Construct packages, consultants involved in Design & Construct tenders, developers and individuals looking for well conceived architectural buildings and design solutions. The quality of our technical drawings speaks for itself as most of our work is through word of mouth and referrals.

The same methodological approach in our developments flow into our design processes,  to ensure time is managed and allocated in the most efficient fashion. A considerable amount of time is spent in the early planning stages to ensure that each design has received due consideration from a construction, documentation and usability aspect.

On all projects a delicate balance must be achieve between Time, Cost and Quality. However, depending on the project type and Client objective, this balance can be weighted to one or two of these variables. The importance of an accurate Client brief cannot be underestimated, as it will ensure the design unfolds in an efficient and productive manner.

The Design –  a culmination of ideas drawn from one or multiple inspirations. Without compromising the buildings’ core design principals, it is given form, depth, materialism, colour and interest. Every design decision is considered, critiqued and remodeled accordingly to ensure we present a finished product that is simply extraordinary. The intention is to inspire, seduce and enhance the original design brief.

The company’s ultimate aim throughout the entire design process is to deliver to the Client a finished product that surprises and surpasses their initial expectations.