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Titan Square Concept, Malaysia

Integrated Multi- Tower Residential Community


An invitation was extended to our firm to produce an “integrated” concept for a multi-tower residential community.

The brief:
– A design concept in 5 days
– A site area of circa 55,000 sqm on a mild slope with a highway intercepting the land parcels along the rivers mouth to the south and mountains to the north
– The requirement for a gated community with suitable amenities including two marinas
– Structural parameters for the main residential towers were governed by the structural consultant as well as the clients requirement to achieve maximum height
– Target market mainland China


The design concept was heavily influenced by the numerical and linguistic significance of wealth, prosperity and togetherness in the Chinese culture.

General Feng Shui principals were highlighted and enhanced in the master plan to utilized the already “lucky” natural topography of the location.

The Chinese character for 8 or ‘ba’ which is akin to prosper or wealth is incorporated in the arrangement of soft and hard landscaping of the pedestrian access way which connect the whole development together.

The height of the proposed 8 towers and large site coverage allowed an opportunity to turn the area into a literal “blank canvass”. The positive and negative layering allowed the canvass mass to be broken up to create depth and interest. The tops of the lower and medium height buildings especially those that were designated to operate till late, would allow their internal lighting to spill out from the transparent material proposed in an array of geometric floral patterns. Some of the other roofs, structures and breakout zones were fitted out with lighting capable of presenting a dazzling light show in the night, so the whole canvas comes alive as a stunning display at sun down.

8 reflection ponds in the shape of a Koi are scattered around the canvas, which according to legend swam upstream, through waterfalls and other obstacles to reach the top of the mountain to reach the “Dragon gate”. Upon successfully reaching the gates was turned into a dragon, one of the most auspicious creatures in the Chinese culture. The Koi’s use then symbolizes perseverance, ambition, courage, prosperity, success and good fortune. The arrangement of the Koi in pairs symbolizes harmony, balance and happiness together. Garden break out spaces within the pond act as playgrounds or seating areas and give the perception of colours on a real Koi. Lighting around these ponds that serve to act as guide lighting not only cast reflection as scales on the ripples in the water but serve to highlight the shape of the Koi at night.

Retail and commercial spaces are planned for the lower ground floor of the towers. The eating and entertainment precinct occurs by the river side so users can enjoy the scenic views during a meal as well as a scenic walk along the lighted marina in the evenings.

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