Labouchere Residence, South Perth

Design Feasibility for an Owner Occupier

Site Context:



Conceptual Design



Building Notes

  • Multi-Generational Home
  • Triangular 'awkward' block
  • 2 Storey Home (3x2.5)
  • Climatically Responsive Design


The block is a corner, trapezium shaped 365 sqm site, with golf course views on the predominant western side.

It has a 5.2m wide Western Power easement straddling the western boundary and a 1.4m wide Water Corporation easement straddling the northern boundary.

Council have a strong preference for vehicles to exit via the main road rather than the slip road due to potential access proximity to the corner.

The brief was to arrive at a few design permutations in order to find one that would suit the owners specific requirements and fixed budget, on a limited and challenging site.


The design allowed for the future proofing of the house to cater for the future needs of the current owner, as well as future buyers of the home.

Modern concepts were introduced to allow the design to stand out from the surrounding homes and to give a once off custom design. An up-lighted, feature wall extending from the outside to the inside, provided for interest and privacy. A few extents of “Contemporary” was explored.

The designs and orientation allowed for the minimum amount of screw piles to be used while at the same time maximizing the homes footprint and allowing larger openings to be introduced along boundary walls instead of the usual limited high level openings. Each design allowed “break out spaces” to exist at different segments of the house to not only give an impression of size and space but maximize the functional aspects of the home.

One option even allowed for a large Walk in Robe that could be converted into a spare bedroom with minimum structural intervention to cater for a families ever changing requirements.

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