Landsdale Forum, Landsdale

Extension of Alfresco Roof and Covered Walkway


The existing food and beverage tenants had requested for a new alfresco roof to be considered to allow for winter trade to occur.

The anchor tenant had also requested that an extension to create an outdoor market garden concept be considered at the front of their tenancy, with the existing opening to the tenancy being “opened up” to allow the inside of the shop to “spill out”.


In order to improve the existing shopping centre, our design team evaluated the available space and proposed several alterations – specifically, the addition of a new alfresco roof and a┬ámodified entrance to┬áthe centre.

The new alfresco would provide protection against the weather and benefit all 4 food and beverage tenancies. The proposal was to connect to the existing roof purlins while diverting water from the new roof into the existing soak wells. In the event the existing soak wells could not accommodate the new rain water volume, an alternative proposal was in place to allow connection into the much larger car park soak wells.

The anchor tenant would get the benefit of a much larger entrance under the proposed design. An opening would be cut into the existing pre-fab walls creating 3 points of entry. The paving on the front would be removed and replaced with new pavers to match the alfresco as well as artificial lawn where the new fruit and vegetables gondolas would be placed. This would create an open market concept and allow the inside of the store to “spill out”.


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