Stuart Residence, Inglewood

Refurbishment for Private Investor


The project involved the renovation of a traditional Californian style bungalow located in the Heritage Precinct of Inglewood.

The aim was to accomplish an internal modernisation that was contemporary as well as respectful to the external character of the existing house. In addition to that, the new layout had to accommodate an additional bedroom and bathroom, transforming the dated 2×1 to a more modern 3×2 configuration.

The investors intent was to restrict refurbishment work to the internal areas of the home so as not to require a Building Permit.

We were engaged to carry out the design feasibility study and eventually tender the project for the investor.


Homage is paid to the House’s classic origins by minimizing the external alterations to touch up and minor remediation works only.

The majority of the work was focused internally, with this Inglewood house being modified both functionally and cosmetically. While the dated asbestos walls and ornate detailing were being removed to make way for a cleaner and safer wall finish, insulation was installed to bring the building envelope to current standards drastically improving the homes energy efficiency.

As part of the modernisation, a complete electrical rewiring of the home was done, older fixture and fittings were upgraded and carpets were removed to reveal the existing timber flooring which were then sanded and polished.

The original open fireplace has been maintained, ensuring its warm heat can now be felt in the new open plan kitchen. An integrated laundry was also created to maximize and enhance space, facilitating the house’s conversion from its original 2 x 1 status to an improved 3 x 2 capacity.

The entire renovation took only three months to achieve, which is a testament to the skill and productivity of the project management team. The team were responsive, enthusiastic and expedient throughout the whole design process, ultimately ensuring that the finished product was a stand out.

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