EYNESFORD Villas, Gosnells

Designed for Brique Development


A R30 Residential 1925sqm site in a cul de sac location within the City of Gosnells jurisdiction.

The property has one of the largest specimens of Eucalyptus Grandis¬†with a canopy area of 675sqm and 15m height, in the middle of the front boundary on the Council’s verge and a 2.5m wide Water Corporation easement straddling the entire eastern side of the property boundary.

The Council requires that the front units on any development proposal provide for an adequate level of interaction with the street front boundary.


Negotiations involving the City of Gosnells resulted in the tree being removed by the Council at the developers cost.

An affordable development of 6 single storey 3x2x2 unit configuration was allowed for in the design to aid in the developers feasibility. The plans were submitted to Council and within some minor revisions received development permit within 3 months from submission.

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