Archibald Street, Willagee

Design Feasibility for Private Investor

Site Context:






Building Notes

  • Three Units
  • Three different Layouts


The Willagee Structure Plan had been endorsed by Council, and whilst waiting for the Scheme Amendment to be adopted, we conducted a design feasibility on the property to allow the owner to determine which strategy would suit their investment requirement.

For this 739sm site, the brief was to produce 3 units of 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom + 2 carbay configurations that would cater for the First Home Owners needs.

The parameters:
i) the fixed selling price of the individual units
ii) the internal individual unit configurations
iii) standard R-codes considerations in view of the new re-zoning to R40


We formulated 2 possible scenarios during our design feasibility:
i) 3 units with the last unit being smaller
ii) 3 units with the last unit being a double story unit

An additional scenario was also presented for consideration where 2 larger un-compromised units with an additional entertainment room were done instead of requested 3 units. This would be larger units that would appeal to a different market segmentation that would be more open to a higher selling price.

The young investor opted for a 3 unit development with the last unit consisting of a slightly smaller built up area. Our design proposal was submitted requiring no variations to the Local Planning Policies or R-codes.

The investor was able to leverage off our relationship with one of our panel builders and upgraded the internal specification for no additional charge. As a commendation of our panel builders work, 5 lead inquiries for purchase and 1 inquiry for aid in designing and developing a similar block was received from the surrounding neighborhood.

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