Clean, modern and sophisticated in design, Civic Square’s premium inner-city apartments embrace the surrounds of chic retail, lively restaurants, street life and leafy parks.

The building's ideal location is complemented by a design that capitalises on the natural light and the beautiful city views on offer. To match the inner-city surrounds, the architects have composed a visually rich, fresh and vibrant look for the building's facade. The design includes a variety of materials: pre-cast concrete, steel, aluminium, wood, face block and glass.

To improve the building's energy efficiency, and sound insulation properties, environmental and acoustic consultants were called upon. The vibrant exterior design of Civic Square is more than just impressive to look at, it also plays an important role in controlling the climate within: metal sunshade screens assist with the shielding of heat (the use of smart glass helps to reduce light glare and solar gain) and some apartment layouts are designed with cross ventilation in mind, so cool breezes can flow through.