"Civic Square is cleverly constructed architecture, punctuated with paradoxes and reminiscences."

Craig Riley

"The proposal is a thoughtful response to a significant, yet difficult site: the "gritty" urban nature of the Beaufort Street location, the severe western exposure, the intersection of land zoned for both residential and commercial uses, and the easement which virtually cuts the site in two.

Civic Square challenges aesthetic judgements for a more general order of nostalgia and sentimentality. Civic Square was designed to be understood from a number of positions, including sometimes at speed from the road, or from a distance, or as part of a backdrop to an intersection, or as a residential neighbour or as a home to people living in the apartments. The shifts in scale of the buildings are read in relation to both the conjunction of residential and commercial occupation, and also the visual climax of the intersection of Bulwer and Beaufort Street.

The south-west facing wall is enigmatically and theatrically relieved with elements evocative of the lively and entertaining Civic Theatre, which stood on the site for so long. The line of the setback across the front of the building varies slightly to articulate the horizontal proportioning of the building volumes. The use of balconies plus the planning that results from the building being set back from side boundaries, enables the openings to take advantage of light, cooling breezes and available views, while the implementation of both sun screening devices and also solar glass allows for each apartment to naturally control and modify the more severe aspects of climate."

CRAIG RILEY - Chief Architect