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Civic Square Apartments Introduction Civic Square Apartments 3D Flyover


Come in and be inspired.

Stair ways to heaven, the travel that defined the site The "organized clutter" of nature forms the inspiration behind the artwork and the building design Inspiration comes in different shapes and sizes Analysing the core of our design inspiration The birth of an idea - creating a visual relationship for a stunning backdrop The sum of all its individual parts is greater when combined Inspired by the world around us and designed for life An eclectic fusion of metropolitan excitement, history and architecture When the sunset drapes a cloak of darkness on its walls, the building comes alive in a display of theatrical illumination A kitchen workbench suitable for all your gastronomic inspirations Scheme A - to most people a warm, welcoming unit with a touch of feminine allure Scheme B - definitely a crowd pleaser with its mysterious and sophisticated look and masculine feel Scheme C - a simple, clean and aseptic perspective The Art of Inner City Living Civic Square 378 Beaufort St Perth