Where is the property located?

The property is located at 378 Beaufort Street, Perth, Western Australia, 6000 and is the old Civic Theatre Restaurant site on Beaufort Street. Please visit our display suite located conveniently at Shop 27/ 60 Royal Street, East Perth for more information about this exciting opportunity.

Kindly note, the display suite is open by appointment or as specified in our marketing campaigns.

Why is the lower pricing limited to only a few individuals each time and why does it increase as more apartments are sold?
Unlike the usual pricing structure that remains the same for the duration of most developments, this method of pricing is the most equitable way to reward the "early-adopters". The risk profile for a given project changes at different stages in the development cycle and this risk must be recognized and renumerated accordingly. Simply put, individuals who enter into a contract first, are given the biggest price advantage compared to someone who enters into a contract towards the end of the development cycle. We recommend you contact us or our marketing agents as soon as possible to find out more about our pricing structure and avoid disappointment.
Why is there a difference in pricing between the various units?
The price difference reflect the location of the unit within the development, the likely views from different rooms within the development, the number of bedrooms within the unit, the availability of an en-suite or bathroom configuration between units, the level of the unit, the type and location of the car park for the corresponding unit and the estimated star rating based on the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme(NatHERS).
What is NatHERS?
The Building Code of Australia(BCA) stipulates minimum energy efficiency measures required for new residential developments. NatHERS stands for the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme and is one of the industry measures of energy efficiency. It assigns a star rating from 0 to 10 based on the energy required to maintain comfort conditions for the occupants within a dwelling. The energy use is predicted by the thermal performance of the building accounting for the building location, orientation, lay-out, construction and local weather data.
Why is energy efficiency important?
Whether you are a home owner or investor; energy efficiency affects you indirectly or directly through government policies pushing for environmental sustainability, market relevance when dealings with future buyers and renters and a general trend towards reducing our "carbon footprint" on the environment. The built specification required to obtain an acceptable energy efficiency rating is quite detailed, often not available, and can be hard to make sense of by most individuals. As such, its value is often missed and we strongly recommend that you ask your local real estate agent for the energy rating of the property you intend to purchase in order to compare like for like and future proof your investment.
Why we collect your information and details?
We collect information and details in order to study what our customers i.e. you the buyer, want in terms of product offering. The information collected also tells us how to effectively reach our target market and implicitly reduce unnecessary marketing cost. This results in cost savings and improved product offerings that ultimate benefit you the consumer. Information collected is not distributed or sold to third parties and is used to improve our service, offerings and value to our customers.